Baby Grasp the world The sensation of natural smoothed wood, the tactile experience of a grasping toy, and the fascination of the movements of tumblers: All you need for a splendid start to life.

Bilboquet and more


Bilboquet & more For the skillful and undecided Curiosities and classics newly interpreted through traditional handcraft. Mozart is repackaged, roses are pressed, and the Christ Child is rung in. We also like to help tying shoes, and everything goes like clockwork.



Binoculars For spies and discoverersOur kaleidoscopes are based on historic models, but made with modern materials. Seen through new eyes, the world changes and spies look …



Magnets Beautiful and powerful For children’s drawings, shopping lists, pictures or pocket money, recipes and invitations. We take care of all those things that move from dark drawers to the public space of the refrigerator.



Miniatures Small and fine versions of the larger originals There isn’t always room for a second spinning top in every household (our biggest is 2m. high, the heaviest is 65 kg), so we have smaller tops in our range designed for the display case. Fine motor skills are a must. [...]



Games Privately developed and produced The most skilled bowler, stacker or threader doesn’t automatically win. Strategy, a steady hand, and a little bit of luck are all needed to ensure a victory. With that principle in mind, we’ve created 3 new games, which are protected by copyright. [...]

Skipping Ropes


Skipping Ropes Fun for children and sports enthusiastsOur contribution to movement and play is a colourful selection for children and athletes. Nostalgics will appreciate handles made of cherry wood and the strengthened hemp-rope.



Yo-yos A classic toy for young and old Since ancient times yo-yos have been much loved, as shown by representations found on amphorae. Besides the classics, there are also freewheel-versions for experienced players.

Spinning Tops


Spinning Tops An essential learning tool for motor skills and mental development One of the oldest toys in the world, used by people of all cultures. Mankind has seen a lot of toys come and go, but spinning tops remain an essential element in games, art and technology. „Life without spinning [...]

Spinning Top Sets


Spinning Top Sets The learning set from very easy to quite difficult With this set you can strengthen motor skills with enthusiasm and practice, and eventually achieve the title “Top Champion.” A great set for group matches, and an Olympiad for children is the first step to getting their own play ideas and [...]

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